You Are The Manager of Your Talents

God Inspired Poem for September 23, 2015

Be a steward of the mysteries of God!

Be a steward of the mysteries of God!

You are the manager of your talents
The special abilities God has given you.
They may be small in your eyes, it’s true.
But, they matter to God, He knows what you can do.

Those who have been given a trust, talent or skill
Must prove to be faithful — this is God’s will.
You must not waste this special assignment from God,
Even if your talent is considered different or odd.

God knew what He was doing, He knows you best.
He knew you could do this better than all the rest!
He appointed a host of angels to help you everyday,
They will be with you always, come what may.

Satan will try to get you discouraged and depressed.
But, as a child of the living God, Satan will regret he messed
With the one God chose especially to do this task today.
If and when you need God’s guidance, just ask and pray.

1 Corinthians 4:2

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

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