Thinking of Starting a Christian Home Based Business?

Over the next few days we are going back to the basics and listing some practical advice  for people who are just getting started or are just in the planning stages for starting a Christian Home Based Business.

Have you been thinking recently of starting a Christian Home Based Business but aren’t sure how or where to begin?

First of all, please take care and be careful when you’re exploring different companies.  There are some out there, unfortunately, that are not good or even reputable business opportunities.  Check out references.  Check with your local Better Business Bureau.  Do your due diligence about any company you are thinking of working with in your new business.

Sit down as a couple or a family and decide together what you would like to do.  Remember you get to earn money and do it God’s way.  Your business will be founded on Christian and Biblical principles.  List your Christian values and principles and how you want to incorporate them into your Christian home based business.

  • Is there a service you can provide?
    Can you provide transcription or bookkeeping?
    Can you make changes to a website?
    Can you create a website?

Do you blog?  If so, can you write or post blog articles for someone else?

Do you have things to sell? Could you set up a store on or on Ebay or Etsy?

Do you like to write?  There are some freelance websites that are always looking for writers to write articles and blog posts for blogs.

Are you an experienced proofreader?  There are some Christian publishers who use freelance proofreaders who can work from home.  There are always authors who need experienced proofreaders to proofread their manuscript first in draft form and then in layout form.

Having an online bookstore is another good idea that will allow you to spread the message of the Lord and provide a good income for your family.

Could you become a representative for a reputable company that sells products?

Are you a realtor?  You can set up a real estate business as your home based business.

Are you an appraiser?  Base your business out of your home and provide this needed  service for realtors or insurance agents.

Do you have experience as a coach or counselor?  Bring your business home and work  from your home-based office providing coaching, consulting or counseling services to businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, parents or couples?

How about turning your love for children into a home daycare and sharing with these little ones the love of Jesus?  Visit daycare centers and preschools in your area for ideas.  Find out what you need to do to become certified and take the classes, get your license and have everything in place and then advertise.  Put some flyers up at church and on the bulletin board at the local library children’s section.  Those are both free ways to advertise a new Christian home-based daycare.  Be certain to state in your flyer or advertising that you run a Christian daycare.   Talk to parents directly so they will understand you are based on Christian principles.  Have that in your paperwork when parents sign up.

Whatever your passion is, can you turn it into a good home based business with a mission statement and Christian values?

Write your mission statement and then your business plan.

Your mission statement should state clearly the purpose of your business and how it is going to affect the lives of others.  How are you going to use your business to serve others or to bring others to Christ?

Your business plan will be how you intend to implement your mission.

  • What steps do you need to put into place to create your business?
    Do you need equipment?
    Do you need a home office set up?
    Do you need to purchase merchandise or memberships?

One you have written down your business plan, determine how much capital you will need to start your business. How are you going to fund you business?  Set up your bookkeeping and your busieness bank account and make sure to set aside time at the end of every week to keep your bookkeeping current.

Do you need a business license in your town or county to operate your home-based business?  What state requirements are there for a home-based business in your state?

How do you get business?

  • Create a simple website.
  • Market your business by setting up a Facebook fan page. Create a special offer and advertise that on Facebook and write about it on Twitter.
  • Write tweets on Twitter that will direct people back to your website.
  • Put up a YouTube Video.
  • Invite people to like you on Facebook.

One last thing important thing to incorporate into your Christian home based business is finding balance between your personal life and your business life.  Remember to give God the first time of every day through worship, Bible study and prayer.

Pray about the decisions you will make during the day and the people you will serve through your business.

Save time for yourself every day.  It may be just a minute for your favorite cup of coffee or tea or a walk or going to gym to exercise.  Whatever it is, do something just for you (a favorite hobby?).

Save time for your spouse.  Schedule regular date nights.  Work on keeping your relationship important to one another.  Don’t let your business overshadow that.

Keep special time set aside for your children – interact with them, play with them, treasure them.

Lastly, remember to rest on the Sabbath day and to keep it holy.

Whatever your passion is identify it and put it to work for you and your family as a Christian Home-Based Business.  You will be serving the Lord, your family and others.

I have found my niche and special place in having a Christian home based business.  Have you?

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