Quick Cash for Christmas by Cynthia Kiteley Lee, CEO, Christian Home Business Association, Inc.

The Christmas season, which runs from Thanksgiving Day right up to Christmas day, is a month full of “extra” activities, like shopping for Christmas presents, decorating homes and offices, attending Christmas parties and traveling to spend Christmas with family or friends.

There’s not always the extra time–or money–to handle all these activities in a happy or comfortable way.  I can’t do anything about your time challenges, but I can help you get your hands on some extra money.

I recently joined a home business opportunity that is–for a change–an outstanding opportunity to make some quick cash with a legitimate Internet-based business.   As if that weren’t enough to make you sit up and take notice, this opportunity–ZNZ–is free to join and can provide you with daily payments from Paypal ranging from $20 to $80 or more.

What Makes ZNZ Different–and Better

This is not your average home business opportunity.  It is, in fact, head and shoulders above your average home business opportunity.  First of all, as I said, it is free to join.  There are no upgrades, upsells, one-time-offers or other program costs lurking in the back office. It’s also really easy to promote and get into profit with  ZNZ.

It is important that you understand that the money you make with ZNZ comes to you from wealthy advertisers–not, as is usually the case, from your often financially struggling downline members’ affiliate payments. It’s a very different model that what many of you are accustomed to.

The advertisers who use ZNZ (which has been around four years) include several Fortune 500 companies.  The advertisers pay for the completion of a wide variety of trial offers. This is sometimes called the CPA model of income generation.  CPA stands for:  cost per action.  It is not multi-level marketing.

How ZNZ Works

Let’s say that I am a member of ZNZ (which I am) .  It has two “divisions”:  one called ZNZ One and the other called ZNZ Big Cash.  The lower cost trial offers are in ZNZ One.  I complete one trial offer in ZNZ One in order to qualify to refer others to ZNZ.  The trial offer I complete is for a wrinkle cream and I pay $1.95 for the postage costs with my credit card.

In addition to signing up for ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash, I sign up for a (free) sophisticated, effective marketing “system” for ZNZ that uses video to explain everything and “captures” the name and email address of people interested enough to sign up to view the video.   Check it out below.

Here’s my affiliate link for ZNZ:  http://www.free-program-pays-daily.com

You will need to refer others to make your money.  Don’t groan.  Getting people to join a free program is not difficult, especially when they know they will, in turn, be able to promote the program themselves and make $20 or more a day with it.

Okay, so I’ve completed my “qualifying” trial offer and  proceed to sign up a couple of people with my snazzy marketing system.  You’re one of them.

I will make $20 to $80 per person I sign up under me when they complete the trial offer(s) they need to attain 1.00 points.  Once they have done this, they can, in their turn, refer others to ZNZ and earn $20 to $80 per person for everyone they sign up.

Again, visit my affiliate link for ZNZ for details:  http://www.free-program-pays-daily.com

Making ZNZ Work Well For You

The biggest stumbling block you are likely to encounter when inviting others to join under you in ZNZ is their concern about privacy and sharing personal information.  These concerns are natural and appropriate.

Here’s what I recommend to address these concerns:

1.  Before you sign up, create an email account just for your ZNZ activities. I recommend gmail.  You will be receiving a fair amount of email in connection with your ZNZ activities, so this will enable you to keep ZNZ-related emails from getting mixed in with your “regular” email account’s emails.

2.  Before, or shortly after you sign up in ZNZ, secure (or allocate)) a credit card just for your ZNZ trial offer. Banks now routinely offer “pre-loaded” major credit cards to their customers.  They function just like regular major credit cards, but the money drawn from them is money you have loaded onto it and no one (and no advertiser) can withdraw more money from your pre-loaded card than you have loaded it with.

That means no one can run up a big tab on your credit card.  If you load it with $25 or $50, you can never lose more than that $25 or $50.  This is called damage control.  I used a credit card that I don’t use for anything else.

3.  Get and stay highly organized. You’ll want to keep track of when your trial offer ends and when you need to cancel it.  You will also need to keep track of where and when you are promoting NZG.

4.  Consider sharing this opportunity with family and friends, as well through standard Internet marketing avenues such as:  social media, free online classified ads, solo ads, emailing your list (if you have one), safelist ads, and more.

For example, if your adult daughter Nancy, who is a single mom with two small children, is short on money and you would like to send her some via ZNZ, your best course of action will be for you to have Nancy sign up under me and then you sign up under her.  That way, she will get $20 or more for the trial offer(s) when you join the trial offer(s) you need to complete to become eligible to refer others to ZNZ.


You can learn more about Cynthia Kiteley Lee at:  http://www.cynthiakiteleylee.com or email her at:  christianprosperity@gmail.com

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