I Am The One Who Is Blessed!


Claudia Beck, CEO Christian Home Business Association

“Claudia: I truly believe that the Lord places people in our lives to help us complete the programs and tasks he has for us. You are, I believe, the instrument of proofreading for me. I am truly blessed to have your expertise made available.

I can almost hear the angels in heaven clap when you are editing my poems.

I think I’ll write a poem about you…….

When the Lord puts someone in your life
This can be a friend, coworker, husband or wife.
They were sent to help you complete your task.
“What task?” many don’t know and would ask.

We all have unique talents and a special skill.
That talent or skill was given by God to fill a bill.
This is something that you can do, better than others.
Something that will help our Christian sisters & brothers.

I have a very special lady that God sent to help me.
We have never met in person, this has yet to be.
She proofreads, suggests and corrects what I write.
Knowing and working with her has been a sheer delight!

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

Thanks again. I really think you are an angel in disguise.”

Hello readers. I am the one who is blessed here! My dear friend Anthony uses his God-given talent daily — sometimes multiple times in a day — because he is so tuned in to what God lays out for him. Thus, Anthony is an inspiration to me (and strong supporter) and it is my pleasure to assist him with God’s work, to spread the good news and help inspire others to discover Jesus, come closer to our Father,  and help others in their lives.

Thank you Anthony!

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