God Inspired Poems

A Chaplains Book of Poems by Chaplain Anthony Murphy

The Christian Home Business Association is honored to provide for you this section devoted to God-inspired poetry by our talented member, author and Chaplain ~ Anthony Murphy.

Anthony is truly blessed with an incredible and profuse talent from God to bring to us multitudes of much needed inspirational poems. Anthony’s poems remind and teach us about God’s word, heart and intentions in an upbeat, truthful and enjoyable format. If you enjoy Anthony’s poems, please consider purchasing his book of poems ~ A Chaplains Book of Poems. It has received several 5 star ratings and is available from Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle formats, also from Barnes & Noble in paper back or Nook Book formats.

“Highly Recommended – you must check it out!!” says one reader. Another quotes “This book is full of wisdom and encouragement to walk the Christian life”. Wow, and one reader even said, “It is like reading Psalms in the Bible by King David”!

This book will make more than the best gift for nearly everyone on your list for any occasion: wedding gift, Christmas gift, Retirement gift, many more, or simply a ‘Just Because’ gift, plus it’s very affordably priced!

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The Clock is Ticking for the U.S.A.

God Inspired Poem for September 30, 2015

U.S.A. Gone Astray

The clock is ticking for the U.S.A.
This nation has really gone astray.
Things are not the same as yesterday,
Now we are defying our God every day.

Just consider what has happened this year,
Events predict that the end is near.
We have legalized things that God forbids,
This curse will be passed on to our kids.

We can't expect God now to bless this land,
When Satanic forces are trying to demand
That Christians give up their innate beliefs.
This is the beginning of sorrow and grief.

As a Christian, take heart and know we win,
Stay loyal to Jesus — this is the day to begin.
Some treat their walk with the Lord absent of respect,
So confusion and frustration is what they can expect.

Yes, we could go through trials as never before.
The Bible teaches there will be famines and war.
However, the rapture, thank God, will take us all away.
Based on these recent events, it could be any day!

Bible Reference, 1Peter 1:7

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

You Are The Manager of Your Talents

God Inspired Poem for September 23, 2015

Be a steward of the mysteries of God!

Be a steward of the mysteries of God!

You are the manager of your talents
The special abilities God has given you.
They may be small in your eyes, it's true.
But, they matter to God, He knows what you can do.

Those who have been given a trust, talent or skill
Must prove to be faithful — this is God's will.
You must not waste this special assignment from God,
Even if your talent is considered different or odd.

God knew what He was doing, He knows you best.
He knew you could do this better than all the rest!
He appointed a host of angels to help you everyday,
They will be with you always, come what may.

Satan will try to get you discouraged and depressed.
But, as a child of the living God, Satan will regret he messed
With the one God chose especially to do this task today.
If and when you need God's guidance, just ask and pray.

1 Corinthians 4:2

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

God Inspired Poem for September 21, 2015

Everyone around me seems to worry,
They want things done in a hurry.
If, instead, they could all do it right,
They would have peace and joy every night.

So many toss and turn, or take a pill,
That really doesn’t help, the worry is with them still.
It causes frustration, hatred, pain and sickness too.
Okay, so now I can help and tell you what to do.

Worry no more, place your faith in God's power and love to solve your problems!

Worry no more, place your faith in God's power and love to solve your problems!

Worry is a problem that affects millions everyday,
It controls their lives with what they do and say.
But, here is the answer that will remedy this now...
It's in the bible, God tells us how.

1 Peter 5:7 - Give all your worries and cares to God.
I know this sounds too easy, and to many seems odd.
But, God already knows your situation that He can fix,
Do this in total faith — believing and doubt don’t mix!

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

I Am The One Who Is Blessed!


Claudia Beck, CEO Christian Home Business Association

“Claudia: I truly believe that the Lord places people in our lives to help us complete the programs and tasks he has for us. You are, I believe, the instrument of proofreading for me. I am truly blessed to have your expertise made available.

I can almost hear the angels in heaven clap when you are editing my poems.

I think I'll write a poem about you.......

When the Lord puts someone in your life
This can be a friend, coworker, husband or wife.
They were sent to help you complete your task.
“What task?” many don't know and would ask.

We all have unique talents and a special skill.
That talent or skill was given by God to fill a bill.
This is something that you can do, better than others.
Something that will help our Christian sisters & brothers.

I have a very special lady that God sent to help me.
We have never met in person, this has yet to be.
She proofreads, suggests and corrects what I write.
Knowing and working with her has been a sheer delight!

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

Thanks again. I really think you are an angel in disguise.”

Hello readers. I am the one who is blessed here! My dear friend Anthony uses his God-given talent daily — sometimes multiple times in a day — because he is so tuned in to what God lays out for him. Thus, Anthony is an inspiration to me (and strong supporter) and it is my pleasure to assist him with God’s work, to spread the good news and help inspire others to discover Jesus, come closer to our Father,  and help others in their lives.

Thank you Anthony!

God Inspired Poem for September 10, 2015


In this life we know, that many children pretend
They have an invisible and very close friend.
That friend and playmate is always there,
They talk, play, act and even share.

They do everything together everyday,
Doesn't matter if it's time to eat or to play.
They also go to sleep together, after they pray.
That's a wonderful way to spend and end a day!

Well, don't be jealous and want an invisible friend too.
The truth of the matter is, if you are a Child of God, 'you do'.
His name is Jesus and He's with you 24/7,
He'll also be with you forever in heaven.

However, to have this friend you must be a family member too.
Jesus is God's son and He came to earth as a Savior for me and you.
God invites you to be part of this family with millions of others.
How? Call 888-731-1000 and talk with a Christian sister or brother.

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND