God Inspired Poem for September 10, 2015


In this life we know, that many children pretend
They have an invisible and very close friend.
That friend and playmate is always there,
They talk, play, act and even share.

They do everything together everyday,
Doesn’t matter if it’s time to eat or to play.
They also go to sleep together, after they pray.
That’s a wonderful way to spend and end a day!

Well, don’t be jealous and want an invisible friend too.
The truth of the matter is, if you are a Child of God, ‘you do’.
His name is Jesus and He’s with you 24/7,
He’ll also be with you forever in heaven.

However, to have this friend you must be a family member too.
Jesus is God’s son and He came to earth as a Savior for me and you.
God invites you to be part of this family with millions of others.
How? Call 888-731-1000 and talk with a Christian sister or brother.

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

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