God Inspired Poem for March 9, 2015

Today when you think your faith is weak
Be very careful with the words you speak.
This is the time to worship and praise God.
I know this isn’t the norm, and maybe even odd.
But the Lord wants us to worship him today
So it’s very important what you say.
Don’t just wail and complain as some do.
Instead praise the Lord in all you do.
Thank him for all the good things in life.
Major on the praise, not on worry and strife.
God inhabits the praises of his children, it’s true
So my advice is to worship him in all you do.
Just try this today and watch your burdens go away.
The Lord answers prayers of praise each and everyday
This is the answer to that problem that seems impossible to you.
Praise the Lord and rejoice. God doesn’t want you sad and blue.

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

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