God Inspired Poem for March 29, 2015

Remember the movie “A Rebel Without a Cause”?
James Dean played a teenager emotionally flawed.
Well here’s the good news for all of us today.
We can talk to a real rebel ‘with’ a cause every day.

Who is this rebel with a cause many will want to know?
He is our incredible hero as this poem will no doubt show.
His name is Jesus Christ and His life was cut short too.
However, His life and ministry was always, always true.

He came to earth and became a man to show us how to live.
He is the only true son of God and He came to forgive.
Forgive us for our sins that we all did and still do.
This hero is our Savior and He can be your’s too.

He died an excruciating death on a rugged cross.
Then the enemies of Jesus thought His life here was a loss.
But Hallelujah He arose from the grave alive and well!
And this is the rebel hero that I’m here to tell.

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

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