God Inspired Poem for March 19, 2015

So many people today gripe and complain.
Don’t they know this is a way to remain?
Remain stuck in that mode, not enjoying life.
Satan loves to create bitterness, fear and strife.

Satan has many helpers to help with his task.
Many people don’t know who, or what to do or ask.
Here’s the good news, there is much better way!
And this will be my God inspired poem for today.

To get the right help you need to ask this One.
His name is Jesus and He is God’s only son.
He really loves you and truly wants to help you.
He has angels to help with whatever you do.

Our God is mightier than Satan and will always defeat
Satanic forces — at the name of Jesus they will retreat.
So when you are tempted to sin and or feel depressed,
Call out to Jesus. Praise Him for His help, this is always best!

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

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