God Inspired Poem for April 2, 2015

Don’t be Satan’s April fool!
He’s the great deceiver, that’s his tool.
He wants people to think wrong.
Unfortunately too many go along.

I can almost hear him laughing at them now.
If they need his advice, he’ll show ‘em how.
He makes things look attractive to the eye.
And, tells them they can get away with sin, if they try.

That they won’t get caught, or it’s not a sin to you.
He’ll tell them all these lies, that are really not true.
You always get the rewards for evil or good.
I only wish more people believed that and understood.

There are consequences to sin in this life we know.
That old saying goes, “You reap what you sow”.
So be careful how you live, God is keeping score.
All those sins can be forgiven, just don’t do them anymore.

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

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