God Inspired Poem for April 1, 2015

April 1st is Atheist day, all day long.
If you are an atheist here’s your song…
I don’t believe in God He’s just a hoax.
The only time I speak of Him is in a joke.

Some day, they say, we will all stand before God.
I just want the Christians to know, to me they are odd.
I will spend this day with other atheist and gay sinners.
You think we are stupid, but we know we are really winners.

If I run into a problem I can’t figure out what to do,
I will check with Google, how about you?
I hear you speak to God in a prayer and He hears.
He also spends time with you in laughter or tears.

Yes my life is empty at times, this is very true.
I don’t have that relationship with, you know who.
So I sometimes need to drink and do drugs to end the pain.
But, this empty lost feeling always seems to remain.

Maybe you Christians have something that’s real.
Maybe I will need to realize what you have is the real deal.
Ok, so for may years I laughed at you and even cussed.
But, now I understand a true relationship with Jesus is a must.

Can I call you tonight, and you can chat about this with me?
I’m ready to make a change in my life if you will agree.
Tell me about your Jesus and how He loves even me today,
I want to ask Jesus to forgive me and wash my sins away.
Chaplain Anthony (605) 775-2208

Chaplain Anthony Murphy, ND

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