Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Internet Marketing by Cynthia Kiteley Lee

In my early days of Internet marketing and Internet-based home business activities (seven years ago), I described my experience in “Netbiz Land” as a roller coaster ride; big highs and big lows. This accurately reflected my sense of not being in control of the wild ride I was experiencing. It was both thrilling and frightening. Ultimately, this led me to experience major burnout and, after that painful experience, some major breakthroughs.

After my first two years of Internet marketing, I started to come to grips with what I was good at, what I was bad at, and what I wanted to achieve with my online home business activities. I became, in effect, a smarter, purpose-driven marketer. And that purpose was not to make money for myself so much as to help others like me (Christian, low income, faith-focused) find legitimate, low cost, ways to earn extra income online and to be spiritually encouraged in their faith and home business efforts.

The blessings of clarity, purpose, vision and divine guidance regarding my home business affairs did not–and still do not–exempt me from other kinds of ups and downs in connection with my Internet marketing and home business activities.

If, like me, you are not a marketing guru earning six figures a year (or month), and yet you have survived the inevitable financial losses, confusion and “overwhelm” of your first year or two of being an online entrepreneur, I have some suggestions for you about how to deal with the ups and downs you will, sooner or later, encounter.

1. Really, deeply come to terms with the fact that Internet Marketing is not something you are just doing until you succeed with your home business goals , make your fortune and start spending a lot of your free time (and money) shopping, buying and decorating houses, traveling around the world and hanging out on yachts and beaches.

Internet marketing is a career; a way of life. No one told you that you would become an Internet marketer when you grew up and, until recently, Internet marketing was not taught in colleges and universities. I bet Internet marketing is something that you can’t even discuss comfortably with most of your offline friends and family members.

There will always be more to learn about Internet marketing. It is a constantly evolving industry and you will need to adapt to, master and implement new ways of Internet marketing if you are to succeed in it.

2. Accept your limitations. These can be time, money, skills, physical health issues, mental health issues, domestic and professional responsibilities. As long as you are putting out consistent effort to achieve your home business and Internet marketing goals, you are on the right track and making progress.

We hear so many stories of “rags to riches” on the Internet that it is tempting to compare yourself–unfavorably of course–to those who have already achieved high levels of income, visibility, and influence. Don’t go there. Jealousy, envy, blaming yourself, the economy, or your childhood abuse are a waste of time and energy and create and perpetuate negative energies that can sabotage the progress you have achieved.

Remember, many “overnight successes” in many industries spend a decade or more getting to that point.

3. Be aware that who you are is the most critical factor in achieving success with Internet Marketing–and everything else in life. The journey of the online entrepreneur is a deeply personal journey. It will force you to confront your weaknesses, discover your strengths, identify your dreams and passions, and grapple with your relationship with money, yourself, others and, in some cases, God.

No inspiring Internet marketing mentor, hot home business program, magic software or brilliant marketing strategy is going to “make” you successful. In the final analysis, it is you who makes you successful.

In my case, because I am a devout Christian, I feel that “who I am” is a beloved child of a loving, forgiving God. I believe that I have a divine purpose and mission in life and that protection, provision and upholding from Jesus will always be forthcoming as well as reliable guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Other aspects of who I am are less spiritual of course. These range from character traits to skill sets and beyond.

Who are you? What are your gifts to the world? What will your legacy be? Are you pursuing goals that excite you in a realistic manner or are you caught up in a get rich quick fantasy? Some entrepreneurs online are trying to establish their own profitable business to boost their shaky self-esteem and prove to themselves and others that they are not the failure they may consciously or unconsciously believe themselves to be.

What are your passions, dreams, and joys in life? Don’t try to tell me that “making money” is your biggest passion. It is a desire. We all want to make money, but that is not what makes you unique and special. If making money was your true passion, you would probably have expressed (and done well with) it from a fairly early age.

When you figure out who you are, pursue your passions and dreams and find joy in doing so, you will have a strong start on being successful in many areas of life–not just Internet marketing.

4. Be grateful. Gratitude is the best antidote for the worries, doubts, frustrations and emotional ups and downs that will come your way, whether triggered by external developments in your home business and Internet marketing efforts or by other experiences.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

- Thessalonians 5:18 – King James Bible

The Bible and modern social science researchers agree that practicing gratitude is a powerful means of improving your quality of life in all areas (including sleep, health and wealth).

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Cynthia Kiteley Lee is the founder and CEO of the Christian Home Business Association. http://www.christianhomebusiness Visit the website to get a free copy of a report on “The Surprising Benefits of Being a Christian Entrepreneur.”

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