Budget Friendly Ways To Market Your Home-Based Business

In this post and some upcoming posts we are going to share some budget friendly ways to market your business.

Every business owner needs to make the most of their marketing dollars and sometimes thinking outside the box can help you do much more with less.  We are sharing some great ways to market your business without emptying your bank account.   These strategies and tips come from home-based business owners just like you who have proven that working from home can provide a good income and allow you to have a flexible schedule.

Tip #1

1.  Have a Giveaway

One budget friendly way to market your business is to sponsor a giveaway on a blog or Facebook.

Tip #1- Do giveaways on Facebook, your blog, and/or other blogs that have a lot of traffic. Give away something small from your business about once a month and ask that to enter the contest, you must “like” your Facebook page. There are several free giveaway apps on Facebook that will even send the message to their followers and also run the contest by picking the winner for you. I’ve watched my fan page grow from about 200 likes to almost 3,000 likes in around 6 months just from giveaways, and I get many customers and a lot of feedback also from these giveaways.

The giveaway could be a report, a free book, a gift certificate for a product or service, a gift certificate for an online store, a gift card for coffee.  Be creative.  It does not have to be expensive.  Oftentimes business owners will be happy to give you a $25 gift certificate in return for you mentioning their business in your giveaway promotion.


Thanks to:  Megan Andrus from My Accessory Business


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