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AuthorSupportServicesLogoWhen it comes to types of businesses, we all know that everyone loves to buy stuff and things, they manage to sell themselves even sometimes. But, then there comes a point in time, when all these “items” simply become ugly dust magnets or eventually get broken, tossed or forgotten under a pile somewhere.

Then there are businesses that provide us with something valuable and long lasting, sometimes for a lifetime! Many service-oriented businesses are that way. As such, are the Author Support Services provided by Author Russell Sherrard.

Russell Sherrard, AuthorI’m sure you’ve heard it before, “books are for a lifetime!” Why? Because, while the physical book may not stick around, ’cause it is after all, simply another thing in our pile of stuff, the stories and facts, adventures and lessons, fears and tears we experience when reading these “things” — can stick with us our entire lives!

Wouldn’t you love your written work to impact a person for even 5 minutes, let alone a lifetime? Wow! Well, that’s where these production and promotion services come in with their direct sales of services to authors that include:

  • Kindle eBook Formatting
  • PDF Creation
  • Linked Table of Contents
  • Twitter and Facebook Marketing
  • Submit Your URL to 873+ Search Engines
  • Book Cover Design
  • Line Editing/Proofreading
  • Blog Administration
  • Free Services

So, if you are an author, want to be an author, or even know one ~ be sure to visit Author Support Services today, or pass on their website to all your favorite author or budding author friends, family and business aquaintances. A service like this would even make a fantastic gift for Christmas, college graduates, birthdays and more!

Happy Publishing!


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