Abundant Sea

Today we’re featuring a lovely inspirational article from Daphne Crause, of www.living-in-blessing.com called,

“The Abundant Sea”.

Living by the sea we often see fishing boats cruising up and down the coastline to try and catch their wares. At one of our houses we used to often go in the early morning for a walk down to a patch of grass overlooking the sea. We would sit and look out over the sea and just commit the day to the Lord.

As we went day by day we began to see a very small motor boat with 3 people coming past. It came at the same time each day and would stop at a certain spot in the ocean. We were curious as to what the crew were doing until I used my binoculars to look at them. Then we saw that they were fishing for lobsters. They would drop a basket or something down the night before with bait. Then in the morning they came back to check on their catch and haul it in.

Other times we saw the bigger fishing boats with the huge nets that they trail behind them. They simply drop the nets into the sea and then move slowly along, catching everything in their path.

There is such an amazing variety of life in the sea, from both small and large fish, to shellfish, to mammals like dolphins. And finally you have the plants like seaweed and coral.

There is a Scripture that I love which relates to this subject. It is from Isaiah 60:5. It says:

Then you will see and become radiant, and your heart will swell with joy; because the abundance of the sea will be turned to you, the wealth of the Gentiles will come to you.

Just think of how much life there is in the sea and then imagine it ‘being turned to you’ as this Scripture says.

Whenever I think of this Scripture I imagine myself standing on a cliff overlooking the sea, and it is as though the sea is clear and see-through. I can see the ocean teeming with fish of every color and size, shellfish and plants. Then I see all of that abundance gathering together and coming towards me.

The Lord created all this abundance. And He has this same amount for you when it comes to your finances and your provision. He is not restricted in any way, but He has taken into account every area of need.

If you need finances, He has taken care of it. What about clothing? It is no problem. He has that for you too. And when it comes to food and the everyday things you need, you don’t have to be concerned. He knows your needs and He will cause all of those things to come into your hands.


“In the name of Jesus I speak to the abundance of the sea and I command it to be turned to you. No matter what your need or desire is, the Lord has taken care of it and has it available for you.”

“Do not be concerned my child, for you are more important to me than all the abundance of the sea. And just as I created the abundance in not only the sea but in all of my creation, so I have all of that available for you.

“You are precious my child and I desire to pour it all out on you. So look to me, ask it of me and then do not expect anything less, for indeed this is your inheritance.”


Today may abundance in every area start coming to you from all directions.

Feel free also to forward this to your friends so that they can also be blessed.

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2 Responses to Abundant Sea

  1. Cynthia Ford says:

    What an inspirational story! It is always important to keep in mind that there is ‘abundance in the sea’ and that we have to opportunity to seize it if we have the patience and perservance. I’m going to forward this to my friends. Thank you for sharing

  2. Cailynn James says:

    We must never forget that we are God’s children and he will provide for us. Even on dark days when it may not appear like it, he is giving us everything that we need. We must take the opportunities he gives us and use them well.

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